Welcome to the Pre-Med Study Project, Y’all!

This project was started in the Fall of ’13 and its purpose is to provide a comprehensive array of video explanations and walkthroughs of the homework and exam problems assigned to you in your premed courses here at UT Austin.  Videos are generated by the members of UT Austin’s American Medical Student Association (AMSA) premedical chapter, who’ve taken the courses that you are taking now.

Video content is organized into topics that represent the same topics taught in courses at UT Austin.  Each video provides an easy to understand overview of the topic and walks through solutions to the most commonly tested homework and test problems. A few sample videos are shown below:




Access to our content costs $35 per course.  This money is used to both support our AMSA chapter and keep this site online.  Comment below with the courses to which you want access and we’ll get in touch with you via Facebook.

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